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Magento file validation – prototype

Add file extension validation in magento form by using below code.

Validation.add('validate-jpg-png','Please upload only jpg/png file format!',function(the_field_value){
            if(the_field_value == '') return true;
            var extension = the_field_value.replace(/^.*./, '');
            if (extension == the_field_value) {
                extension = '';
            } else {
                extension = extension.toLowerCase();
            switch (extension) {
                case 'jpg':
                    return true;
                case 'png':
                    return true;
                //you can add more case for valid extension.
                    return false;
 To make it work add <code>validate-jpg-png</code> class to input file type.  <pre name="code"><br /></pre>

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