Avoid merging old cart items in customer session magento

In this post we will see how to avoid merging old cart items to the current checkout session.


  • It will be happen when we login to store and adds some products into cart and leaves store without purchasing.
  • Then coming back to the store after sometime and adds some product into cart without login and proceeds to checkout.
  • In checkout page we will be requested to login, after login we can see some additional products are added into the cart which we are added in previous session.
  • In this case what we have to do is we need to clear old cart items( It was requested by one of my client ) and allow customers to show with the current session items.

Below i have given the codes used to clear old cart items. And also attached the file. File: app/etc/modules/Ws_Clearoldcartproducts.xml

< ?xml version = "1.0" ?>


File: app/code/local/Ws/Clearoldcartproducts/etc/config.xml In below code we are using sales_quote_merge_before observer to clear old items. To know about observer go through this link.

< ?xml version = "1.0" ?>



File: app/code/local/Ws/Clearoldcartproducts/Model/Observer.php We have declared our observer class and action names in above xml file. Below code is where our magic works!

< ?php

class Ws_Clearoldcartproducts_Model_Observer extends Mage_Checkout_Model_Session {

* Clears old cart items after login
* @return object currently added cart items
public function loadCustomerQuote() {
$customerQuote = Mage::getModel('sales/quote')

if ($customerQuote->getId() &
$this->getQuoteId() != $customerQuote->getId()) {
// Removing old cart items of the customer.
foreach ($customerQuote->getAllItems() as $item) {
if ($item->getHasChildren()) {
foreach ($item->getChildren() as $child) {
} else {

return $this;


What we have done in above code is we have override the Mage_Checkout_Model_Session::loadCustomerQuote() action to avoid merging of old cart items!. Instead of merging the product we have deleted it! That’s what we done! Please post your feedback’s Thanks 🙂

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