Author: karthi s

Upload SWF file in wordpress

Here is the code to Upload swf file in wordpress. function swf_upload($mimes) { if (function_exists(‘current_user_can’)){ $unfiltered = $user ? user_can($user, ‘unfiltered_html’) : current_user_can(‘unfiltered_html’); } if (!empty($unfiltered)) { $mimes[‘swf’] = ‘application/x-shockwave-flash’; } return $mimes; } add_filter(‘upload_mimes’, ‘swf_upload’); We can use Kimili Flash plugin to embed the flash file.

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Migrate Twitter API from Version 1 to 1.1

My twitter feed response is started showing below message when i was tried to access users_timeline using this URL “The Twitter REST API v1 is no longer active. Please migrate to API v1.1.” I have tried by replacing version 1 to 1.1 in the request URL it shown “Bad Authentication data” error. […]

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